Who hasn’t had the desire to be a Navy SEAL, part of an S.W.A.T. team, or wanted the opportunity to be a high-speed, low-drag SpecWar operator? Have you played your favorite 1st Person Shooter Game, or seen something like it in your favorite movies, and really wanted to do it yourself? Well, now you can!

Utilizing the latest and greatest laser tag technology, which is apparently suitable for the US Armed Forces CQB (Close Quarters Battle) training, 1st PERSON SHOOTER LIVE creates real-life scenarios bringing 1st Person Shooter games and experiences to you, LIVE.

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How do we look? Well, that’s not really us. But 1st PERSON SHOOTER LIVE is made up of some guys that actually know something! So we’ll help, we’ll provide some great insight, and we’ll make sure you have fun.

Our team members are all professional, trained and ready to assist you throughout your game! Our focus is on fun first, realistic gameplay and safety as well. Your experience will be fun and games can be adapted for all ages!


All our games are set up and modeled after real-life tactical scenarios. Teams and players are divided into good guys v. bad guys. We brief your mission, you work through your strategy, then it’s time to go tactical. As you move slowly and methodically through the compound, you’ll find and engage hostiles, hopefully, “eliminating” them rather than vice versa.

Complete your mission to win, then switch sides. If you don’t, it’s time to re-strategize and try again. It’s fun. It’s adrenaline. And it’s LIVE.


CQB (Close Quarters Battle / Close Quarters Combat) can be among the most dangerous, and most thrilling battle scenarios. Quarters are tight. Hallways, doors, and rooms can have threats around any quarter, and every step can lead to a, well… um… surprise?!

You’ll play these indoors and never know what to expect. Learn to clear your corners and rooms. If you forget to check your corner, you may find yourself waiting for the next game to get back in the action! Wanna stay in the fight? Move slowly and methodically, and keep alert. Unlike outdoor games, you may not see the hostile until it’s a bit too late.


While you may not have everything this <— guy has, you’ll have plenty to complete your mission. Players are furnished with boonies hats, tactical vests, communication devices (so you can communicate with your team), and high-grade, military-used laser tag weapons. Want to see the awesome laser tag weapons? Check out our WEAPONS page and see our arsenal!

Your weapon will be outfitted with slings, typically battle-style foregrips, and even red-dot optics. Each weapon has a light or torch mounted to it also for low-light conditions. But be careful, while you can see better, the bad guys can see you coming!

Players will be furnished the appropriate weapons for the mission. But surprises can lurk anywhere in the area, so be on the lookout for IED’s, and remember, bad guys can be anywhere and may have longer-range gear!


No tactical situation has a chance at success without a well-planned strategy. But even the best-laid plans can go out the window. So you’ll have to use communication, some planning, technique and a little luck to win. Work with your team, work as a team, and you’ll come back successful.

Your team will have a chance to strategize before starting, and if you fail to complete your mission, you’ll regroup and re-strategize. Let’s see how good those best-laid plans work!

But win or lose, you’ll have a TON of fun!

So what are you waiting for? Come join us and PLAY IT...LIVE!