Simply go to our BOOK NOW page and reserve your slot!
Yes, we take walk-ins, but spots fill up fast so if you just come in, you may miss the game because we're sold out. However, you may make the next game if we're not sold out for the next time slot that night.
Unfortunately, our games are limited to a certain number of players. If you miss your slot, you can't get a refund. But if you know you can't make it, we can reschedule you if you contact us 24+ hours in advance.
YES. We recommend you have 1 team member purchase your tickets in advance for your whole team and we'll group you all together!
Yes, unless you bring your own team. Teams require at least 5 members or others may be joining your team.
No. Not even a tiny bit
No. We have a strict rule that you may not touch other players and they may not touch you. Touching another player is grounds for being immediately asked to leave.
No. There is absolutely NO alcohol consumption on the premises.
We can take most major credit cards, PayPal, and cash.
Yes. They'll hang with our staff and watch game play with your game monitor!
By all means, let us know. We are constantly on the lookout for new spots!
Games are scheduled for 1.5 hours. Generally you'll have about an hour of actual game time, but we provide you real-life style briefings and you'll have time during games to re-strategize before you re-engage.
No problem! You don't need it. That's the fun part - you get to experience what it's like. We'll work with you and give you briefings and pointers. Then it's all about having fun!
No. Games are typically played multiple times during your time slot. So if you get killed early, work on your new strategy for when we start again.
Not usually. Sometimes we can accommodate 1 or 2 more, but the games are optimized for a certain amount of players. If you have more people than we have slots, you can always book a PRIVATE EVENT.
Yes. Teams are furnished radios so they can talk to each other during game play, just like real life.
We are able to accommodate 10 years old and up.
Yes. Our management/owners are all trained, educated and professionals. We will be there at all times to assist you and we, along with our volunteer role players, may be playing along with you!
No. Just a smile and an appetite for hunting bad-guys. We'll furnish you weapons, radios for your team, tactical vests.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us and PLAY IT...LIVE!